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Lamb - Whole Primals

Forage Creek Ranch

Lamb - Whole Primals

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Custom Processed Lamb

  • Includes the following:
    • 2 Shoulder Roasts Approx. 7lbs each
    • 2 Leg Roasts Approx. 7.5lbs each
    • 2 Rib roasts Approx. 2.5lbs each
    • 2 Loin Roasts Approx. 3lbs each
    • 4 Lamb Shanks Approx. 12oz each
    • 2 Racks Spare Ribs Approx. 2lbs each
    • 1 Neck Roast Approx. 1lb each
    • 8 Lbs Ground Lamb Approx. 1lb each
  • Delivery to Northern Utah **Cache County to Utah County**