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Preorder Beef (Deposit for August Delivery)

Forage Creek Ranch

Preorder Beef (Deposit for August Delivery)

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Custom Processed Beef

  • All meat comes vacuum packed.
  • Price/lb includes processing cost.
  • Delivery to Northern Utah **Cache County to Utah County**
  • Custom processed to your specifications. Submit preferences here.
  • Beef Price based on Hanging Weight – Weight of beef share before cutting and packaging

Beef Share


Average Hanging Weight

Approximate Total Cost


Sold Out

Whole Beef


600-750 lbs

$2850 - $3565

Save $435

Sold Out
Half Beef


300-375 lbs

$1500 - $1875

Save $125

Sold Out

Quarter Beef


150-190 lbs

$790 - $999